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Top Content Marketing Ideas to feature Your Brand This Republic Day

One of the most important national celebrations is around the corner. Republic Day!! In addition to Tableaus, Parades, and a country overflowed with patriotic feelings, it has been an important day for brands as well.

In the previous several decades, the notion of marketing has undergone numerous changes.

While Marketing 2.0 focused on emphasizing a product's characteristics and benefits, Marketing 3.0 is all about emotion. Brands are increasingly connecting their product with things that consumers can relate to as human beings. The emotions and sentiments take centre stage instead of the product.

With this in mind, creating a touching campaign for Republic Day 2022 is a fantastic idea.

Get your online presence for the 26th of January! This includes showcasing new merchandise, retouching existing goods, and running digital tricolour campaigns, among other things. Make sure you have landing pages for special promotions so you can assess your marketing strategy ROI for the previous day. To promote your Indian image, rework the information on your website with appealing banners, product photos, and breathtaking graphics.

Make your customers see you as a fellow citizen!

So what could be a few content marketing ideas that could make it happen?

1. Generate Emotive connections

Your social media marketing must embrace the festive taste, from generating emotive connections with items to boosting sales with exciting messaging.

With unique wishes and campaigns, you can give your social media followers a heartwarming campaign this Wednesday. While you may be unsure why you should devote so much time and money, keep in mind that this is a time for sharing. Your clients use social media just as much as they use personal chat apps.

Facebook has made cross-platform sharing so simple that pictures, slideshows, and videos are exchanged all the time. This cross-platform sharing has opened up a whole new world of content marketing possibilities. Consider how long it has been since you received a simple "Happy Republic Day" or "Happy New Year" SMS. Create one-of-a-kind social media initiatives that allow your consumers to interact and share.

On this day in 2021, Emoha Elder Care initiated the #AzadPanchi campaign, with the goal of honoured the country's elderly by sharing their tales. Emoha's #Eldersfirst attitude was reinforced in these short clips, which aimed to assist the elderly gracefully.

2. Tricolored Marketing Strategy

Did you know that UGC photographs and videos are the types of material that 56 percent of customers desire to see from brands?

Focusing your tricolored marketing strategy around your audience's user-generated content might be a fun way to go. Typically, businesses concentrate on their products, branding, and other features that draw attention to the company itself. What if you instead focused on customer tales and your target audience? Look for posts from your audience that are encouraging, hilarious, or fascinating and re-post them.

User-Generated Content (UGC) makes your company and brand appear unique and authentic. As a result, incorporating a UGC campaign into a Republic Day marketing strategy might help improve festive sales.

For instance, Bisleri paired their #OneNationOneWater campaign with a media strategy that helped them build good relationships with their audiences. A ten-day selfie contest began on January 26th, 2018 and ended on January 31st, 2018. Users were asked to snap a photo with their Bisleri bottle and the Indian Tricolor, with the most creative selfies receiving Bisleri hampers.

3. Use Personalization

Personalization is nowadays crucial for many brands for retaining or expanding their user base. The key to growth this Republic Day is personalized communication in emails, website text, social advertisements, and landing pages.

A company's ability to expand and keep consumers depends on its ability to connect with customers on an authentic level.

One of the greatest examples in this area is Myntra's fantastic Republic Day 2019 campaign. Myntra created the hashtag #RighttoFashion using the constitution and the notion of basic rights. It then urged individuals to redefine their Right to Fashion by posting their own definitions of style and fashion in the comments section. It was amusing, timely, and meant to elicit immediate participation through engaging media.

4. Incorporate Push notifications

It is proven that push notifications are quite useful in the marketing industry. Push notifications campaigns opening rate of emails by 50%, according to a study.

Brands may offer customized promotions and discounts directly to the screens of buyers' smartphones. It is the simplest and most efficient method of communicating with clients.

They function best with mobile applications since they can take customers to the target page within the app. Push notifications coupled with some special offers and tricolor theme, attract users to the page just like you want.

5. Use Graphics like GIFs or stickers

E-mail and SMS have a wide reach and are always a convenient way to communicate with your target audience.

It's also one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your products and service in front of people more likely to convert as they are a part of your email/call list. Promotions, specials, or seasonal product lines could be highlighted in an e-mail with a tone that suits a date like 26th January.

Consider how you may incorporate graphics like GIFs or stickers that inspires the national spirit into your email design. This doesn't imply you should leave your brand entirely; rather, it's an opportunity to experiment with your normal structure in order to capture subscribers' attention.

Another strategy is to entice readers with an exciting subject line that makes them think of your business in a patriotic light, providing them with something they can relate to, which is always a win in brand marketing!

6. Create Collaboration

During this patriotic occasion that draws all Indians together, take advantage of collaboration with other companies. Find the best fit for your company and work together to create a super-successful partnership. This allows both businesses to take use of each other's social media networks to generate even more buzz.

For example, on January 26, 2020, the Robin Hood Army teamed up with the famous YouTube channel Girliyapa to solicit volunteers for the group. The campaign was lighthearted yet quite effective. The initiative's goal was to guide students down a route that would lead to them taking the initial steps toward a successful career.

7. Conversation Media Tools to Spice Up

And last but not the least, use immersive conversation media tools to spice up your campaigns, offers etc. and put forward relatable content that reinforces the desi Indian image of your brand.

Want to see a spectacular example of this? Nickelodeon, a children's entertainment network, launched the #BeRepublic campaign in 2018 with the goal of teaching children and raising awareness about the significance of Republic Day.

The campaign featured amusing movies that caught brief information about Republic Day and educated youngsters about our country's rich past, the value of parades, and other topics. The workshop also had amusing GIFs and educational social media messages.

They made the day entertaining and memorable by introducing children to odd undiscovered facts about the constitution-making course. Brilliant marketing with the right target audience at the bull's-eye, no?


One of the most successful approaches to planning a Republic Day campaign is to appeal to people's emotive loyalty to the nation. The most inspiring brand initiatives focus on one enticing characteristic of India and then construct a complete marketing field day around it!

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