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Top 6 Best picks from Women's Day Campaigns of 2022: Spirit and Confidence

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

International Women’s Day is an annual global day to celebrate the achievements of women in the fields of politics, business, science, media and all other areas.

The goal was to provide a day on which people from different parts of the world could come together and share ideas about how they could work together to achieve common goals.

International Women’s Day celebrates the different roles women play in their lives. Women are often doubted and underestimated, which can have a negative impact on their careers, families, and social lives.

By celebrating Women’s Day, we can show that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to being a woman and that there are many different paths that women can take to reach their full potential.

The campaigns act as a great branding idea for those wondering about to set out a fresh entry in the market.

Edelweiss Mutual Fund : #BreaktheBias

Edelweiss Mutual Fund campaign highlights the barriers that started within each one of us and how we can take steps to break them.

The film inspires women to take the pledge that they will raise these biases and break free. At different stages of life, women themselves doubt their ability and commitment. By breaking through these barriers, Edelweiss Mutual Fund can help you achieve success in your life.

Some ways that women can raise these biases are by taking the pledge to break free from their past, setting boundaries for themselves as women, and becoming more confident in themselves.

BIBA : #ManyShadesOneMe

BIBA’s #ManyShadesOneMe campaign is designed to encourage women of all ages to talk about how they play a role in their lives and how they see themselves in the future.

The campaign is about challenging women to talk about the roles that they play in their lives and show how those roles can help them become a better person.

It calls on women to share their stories, photos, or videos of themselves who have become mentors, guides, friends or philosophers – people who have helped develop and grow individuals into the best versions of themselves.

Candere : ‘She #CanDare with Aadya #Candere

The Candere pearl, rose gold and diamond collection called the Aadya was created to celebrate women of every age with customizable offerings to suit their tastes. The pearl and diamond collection is inspired by the natural beauty of women from all ages.

The designs are designed to be personalized with a range of different colored pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones for each woman in the collection. This way, each individual can have her own unique jewelry that reflects her individuality and personality.

Redbus : #HereforHer

The project was initiated by redBus in collaboration with the World Health Organization's Red Crescent Society in order to raise awareness about the importance of hygiene while traveling and providing an easy way for people who may not have access to facilities like these on their regular trips.

In order to appeal to more women travelers, redBus is providing free hygiene kits for women passengers at all major bus boarding points. The Kits will explain the usage of the products and how they can be used in a safe way.

By promoting this campaign, we hope that by making it easier for women travelers to travel with dignity and confidence, we can help encourage more people of all ages and backgrounds to take advantage of our great transportation system.

UPS : #ProudlyUnstoppable

UPS announced that it has launched a new “Proudly Unstoppable” platform, which will support minority-owned small businesses around the world. The company additionally appointed female artists to develop limited-edition box outlook that shows women supporting one another.

This new initiative coincides with International Women’s Day, and empowers women throughout the world who are working hard to improve their lives and gain equality with men.

Prega News : #SheCanCarryBoth

The campaign features a video film that follows the journey of one woman as she tries to find her place in the world and balance between her dual roles as a mother and professional woman.

Despite being subjected to criticism from all quarters, including herself, she perseveres through hardships and continues on with her pursuit of happiness. In doing so, we see that even though women can be both strong-willed and nurturing individuals at times, they often require support in order to succeed fully.

The woman who is highly skeptical about career options as a model post her pregnancy is likely to be extremely frustrated with her current situation.

It is important to remember that there are many different types of jobs available now that match a woman’s skills and interests just as much if not more than when she first became pregnant.


International Women’s Day is an important event that celebrates the achievements of women around the world. It has the power to break down barriers and encourage people to stand up for what they believe in.

The campaigns shown here are designed to show just how strong women can be and how determined they are to achieve their goals. By using a variety of creative and fun ideas, brands have aimed to encourage women to see themselves in beautiful, powerful images.

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