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Top 5 Conversation Media Platforms That Advertisers Are Using To Drum Up Business

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Marketers and Advertisers are now in the "Relationship Era" of marketing.

What does this mean?

Cost, marketing, sales play a huge role in selling a service/product. But the new-age marketers are more focused on maintaining good consumer relationships.

And What are the reasons behind this wave of change that marketers from all sectors seem to follow?

We can see the reason in this 2021 stat report.

Good brand marketers understand these consumer needs. Marketers try and implement value in brands, personalize the shopping experience, deliver good customer service, and take on non-profit causes.

Let's view this Dove research, for example.

Dove is a beauty brand. In a 2004 survey of 3000 women from different countries, only 2% thought they were beautiful. Dove understood that unrealistic expectations media sets for women make women lose confidence. And hence began their revolutionary "real beauty campaign" in 2004. Their ads and initiatives to make women feel confident in their skin worked. They even made them the best choice for soap in the US. Their sales raised from $2.5 Billion to $4 Billion in the first 10 years. 

Many brands were successful in making similar connections with their audience.

And they did so by not only delivering a good product but also catering to consumer's emotions.

More recently brands have been using Conversation Media - A fun way to connect with users.

Conversation Media covers every visual aspect that makes online conversations fun and engaging. This includes Emoji, Stickers, Animoji, Memes, GIFs, and Avatars.

With conversation media marketing, marketers can become a part of the everyday conversations of users. And many brands have been adapting and taking advantage of this already.

A brand usually needs to make 5-7 impression before a user considers buying from it. But users are now more aware of where that impression comes from. Is it coming from a trusted friend sharing a fun GIF or a random ad on Facebook that he/she will probably scroll?

Are you a marketer looking for out of the box marketing ideas?

Because the untapped potential of conversation media might be exactly what you need.

5 Conversation Media Platforms that can help you with Conversation Media Marketing.

1 Holler

Holler is a tech company bringing together brands and conversations. Meme culture is all the rage with Millenials and Genz. Holler used this to help chipotle connect with these users using meme culture.

Chipotle's Collaboration With Holler

To highlight chipotle's delivery offering Holler created an Entertaining campaign. The campaign resonated with Chipotle's social media followers and potential consumers.

HBOmax and Orbit also collaborated with Holler using various conversation media.

Brands Who Can Use Holler for Conversation Media Marketing - Holler is a versatile platform making it ideal for most brands.

2 Bobble AI

Bobble AI's keyboard application delivers brands to users by understanding real-time user intent. Bobble AI has created sharable content for brands like Sunfeast Yippee Noodles And Kingfisher.

This content caters to themes that Bobble AI users would like to share. Also, the stickers that Bobble creates for these brands are customizable by the users. Users can add their animated faces (Bobble Heads) to the sticker templates. Then share them with their loved ones. This kind of customizable content give makes users feel unique. This way brands can become a part of the conversation and make a personal connect.

They also recently collaborated with Robin Hood Army in their initiative #Treesfor2050. They made sharable sticker packs. They also contributed by planting a tree for each sticker share.

Brands Who Can Use Bobble AI Platform for Conversation Media Marketing - Any kind of brands with a variable budget can use Bobble AI. Brands trying to reach the versatile Indian audience can see Bobble as their best bet.

3 Snapchat And BitMoji

Virtual avatars like BitMoji are a significant part of our virtual identities. A lot of people use these as their display/profile pictures for many online platforms.

People identify with their avatars. These avatars either represent how they are or what they want to be. People find these avatars as a powerful full form of self-expression on the internet. Brands have been using Snapchat and its very popular BitMoji feature for Branding.

Levi BitMoji Conversation Media Marketing Campaign

This has especially been good for fashion tycoons like Ralph Lauren and Steve Madden. These fashion giants have used BitMoji to market their clothing lines. So people will be able to dress up their avatars in branded looks from high-end clothing lines. Brands like Levi and Jordan have also collaborated with Snapchat and BitMoji. Snapchat with its filters is great for branding for all kind of brands. These fashion brands with customizable avatars are becoming a part of users identity.

Products that will collaborate best with Bitmoji include - Fashion and fast food. But the true potential depends on the creativity of brands.

4 Genies

Genies is also a Conversation Media player. Its avatars look great and are giving quite a competition to BitMoji. Genies have collaborated with Cheetos making a bunch of cute Cheetos branded avatars.

At first, Genies was more focused on celebrities but it is expanding to everyday users. And it is doing so with the help of social apps like GIPHY and GUCCI.

Brands that can work with Genies are - Brands weaving marketing strategies around avatar marketing.


GIPHY is the biggest GIFs library and the proverbial early bird when it comes to GIFs. Most keyboard application has GIPHY as their default GIF library. GIPHY serves more than 100 millions consumers who share more than 1 billion GIFs each day. GIFs are a great tool for meme marketing as well.

Denny’s with their Moonwalking Sandwich Shoes and Starbucks GIFs campaign both worked. There are many GIF campaigns to talk about.

GIPHY is good for any brand looking for GIF marketing.

GIPHY, Snapchat, and Genies only allow one form of Conversation Media.

Whereas Holler and Bobble AI allow brands to market with different types of Conversation Media.

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