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Top 10 Social Media Diwali Campaigns of 2021

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

As we know, Diwali is the festival of getting together, spending some quality time with our friends and family. Diwali

A lot of brands celebrated this Diwali with sweetness in their campaigns along with creativity. These campaigns were filled with hope, emotions, humanity, and the light that Diwali stands for.

Let's see some of those brands which made our Diwali a little brighter and better with their lit campaigns-

Not just a Cadbury ad- Cadbury Celebrations

This ad campaign featured Shah Rukh Khan who's giving a very important message that people need to look at. The campaign is all about influencing people to buy things from their nearest shops who don't get many sales nowadays because of the e-commerce surge and making their Diwali happier than ever. The sweetness of this campaign is just mind-blowing. Yes, this ad made a lot of sense and definitely won millions and billions of hearts.

Apno Wali Diwali- Prime Video

Another very emotional ad that touched us with its great message. This message was for people out there who love binging on good shows every day. But when it comes to Diwali, they need to spend some extra time with their family. Amazon Prime Video influenced people to stop watching the shows on the day of Diwali and be there with their family because Diwali will not come back again until next year but shows can.

Utsaah- Tanishq

This beautiful and mesmerizing ad campaign was yet full of emotions and happiness. The campaign influenced people to make this Diwali a reason to meet your friends, celebrate love and also, a reason to give the jewellery pieces from Tanishq to make your siblings, wife, and in-laws happy and prosperous.

The Homecoming- Vivo India

The campaign that made us miss our mother and fathers! Yes, the ad was full of love yet the love of a father was missing when his children couldn't make it to Diwali. That campaign depicted the importance of coming home to celebrate Diwali with our family and giving a break to our busy schedules. It is necessary to make your parents happy and be there with them every year, especially on Diwali.

Diwali Safai- Zomato

We all know the importance of cleaning homes on the occasion of Diwali. It is necessary for every Indian household. This year, Zomato nailed the game of marketing by making a relatable post. It showed how we help our mothers in cleaning every corner of the room and father comes with the sweets for us. The sweetness of sweets tastes a lot better after we give some time to our mothers and make them feel happy with a lot of helping hands.

HP- Diya se Diya Jalao

The ad highlights the importance of celebrating Diwali with everyone and lighting up someone's Diwali who might not be happy because of some reason. It tells us to do good deeds. In this way, HP advertised their brand and also gave a special message to their audience.

Deliver the Love- Amazon

Who's cutting onions? Because this campaign just brought tears into our eyes. The campaign influenced people to order gifts for our special people who were there for you in the hardest of times. It tells us not to deliver the gifts actually to their places but to give them from your hands and see the happiness in their faces.

Pause the Bargain- Axis Bank

The ad campaign was all about the habit of bargaining people still carry. The ad campaign showcased how times and fashions have changed since independence and everything has become modern but the habit of bargaining still exists. This Diwali, Axis Bank urged customers to stop this habit and be there with the shopkeeper and local business owners whose livelihood depends upon this. This will make their Diwali more bright and happy.

Khushiyon ki Tarakki- Pickrr

Pickrr's touching commercial shows how its logistic services have improved the lives of small companies in India through the story of a father and a daughter who reunites just in time for the festivities to begin. Countless small company owners around the country struggle to find some time for their family especially during the busy festival holiday season. This touching film speaks to them and gives them a special message.

Look Up: VI

VI's lovely commercial argues that we should glance up from our phones and stay connected with those around us instead. What we enjoyed best about the advertisement is that it doesn't preach and instead, it shows moments from a family that we all connect and relate to. The film's message is quite leaving throughout and it encourages us to make one minor change in our daily lives.


These were some of the heart touching brand campaigns that we all witnessed this Diwali. Almost each of these brands was sentimental and emotional to a lot of people who could actually relate to it.

These brand campaigns actually make a good impact on the minds of the people and thus, if you are adopting these unique ideas of touching the hearts of your people, then it would be very great for your brand in the coming future.

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