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The One Where Conversation Media Met Mental Health Awareness

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

You might have seen similar posts like the ones (mentioned below by Braze) in your feeds in the Month of May.

In today's fast-paced instant gratification world raising mental health awareness is more important than ever before.

Employees shared their mental health issues during the uncertain times of covid-19. Like calling out agencies with saying like "Work from home, doesn't mean work 24/7".

We also saw many companies acknowledging these issues and even finding solutions. Like the temporary four-day workweek. Like these posts from social samosa.

Raising awareness towards mental health and emotional well being is all the more needed while we practice social distancing and experience the change in work culture.

Many organizations in the field of health brought forward various angles and even solutions on different types of mental health issues that people were facing. Like Vertava Health.

When Conversation Media comes into Picture

While social media was giving people a platform to speak up about Mental health issues or ways to deal with them Conversation Media helped spread Mental Health awareness on a personal level.

Most people who are presently struggling with mental illness actually don't talk about it openly. And motivation from loved ones is much needed for all of us anyway.

There are many Conversation Media Platforms that deliver varying conversation media to encourage their loved ones.


GIPHY is a great place for artists to share GIFs and Animated Stickers on literally anything. It is the biggest GIF library you can find.

GIPHY is also connected with almost every social media or messaging app which makes its GIFs highly shareable.

The Conversation Media giant has a number of cute and meaningful GIFs on Mental health like the ones shown below.


Tenor, a GIF Keyboard app has a wide range of GIFs that people can use to make their conversations interesting.

Users of Tenor can also spread awareness about mental health one friend at a time with these fun GIFs.


Holler, another conversation media platform usually help other brands and platform to create conversation media forms (Emojis, Stickers, GIFs, Animated Stickers).

Last year on World Emoji day Holler launched a sticker pack with characters Goldie And Mo to help start mental health conversations.

Holler in collaboration with Ad Council brought back these lovable characters for their seize the awkward campaign during the mental health awareness month.

Goldie & Mo are old best friends who stick together through thick and thin.

They too have had trouble starting the conversation around mental health due to the stigma around the subject.

But over time, by believing in the strength of their friendship, Goldie & Mo have learned to seize the awkward and to create an open dialogue about mental health. And they encourage you to the same.

Any type of step that motivates people to have an open dialogue about a subject as important as mental health deserves credit regardless of what platform is being used. Do use any medium you wish to check In on your loved ones regardless of what month it is.

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