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The 6 Most Popular GIFs in 2021, Guaranteed to Give You The Laugh You Need

The internet is a place for laughs, and it's a place where you can find something to make your day. There are so many hilarious and funny GIFs out there to choose from. In the last 12 months, there has been a surge in GIF popularity. In fact, there are more than 345 million GIFs on Giphy alone.

But which ones have been the most popular in the last year? Here are 8 GIFs that have been topping the charts lately.

1) A person who just woke up from their nightmare

2) A TV show that just got canceled

3) An excessive thunderstorm

4) The guy who has no idea what he's doing

5) Two people with matching outfits trying to get each other's attention at work

6) And finally, an adorable pug.

A Person Who Just Woke Up From a Nightmare

If you've ever woken up from a dream, you know how it feels. It's always the worst feeling to hear your alarm clock go off and have to get out of bed knowing that you have to start your day. That's why this GIF is so relatable.

You see a person with their arms around themselves on the floor with tears in their eyes. Maybe they're dreaming about waking up from a nightmare? Whatever the reason, these are some of the most hilarious moments on the internet today.

We all know how it feels when TV shows get canceled. We pray for a miracle, but it never comes. But sometimes the gods are looking out for us. Sometimes they take pity on us and someone else will pick up our show.

That's exactly what happened with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fox canceled the show after five seasons, but NBC saved it after fans campaigned to save the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine got picked up by NBC, so now we have six more episodes coming up soon!

Did you think this was going to be a post about GIFs? Nope! We had to give you some good news!

An Excessive Thunderstorm

This GIF is perfect for those days when you're feeling a bit too hot and the AC is out. Imagine: it's a warm summer day and you're enjoying your blissfully cool house until BAM! A thunderstorm with an impressive lightning show decides to drop by, leaving your air conditioner powerless.

This GIF will help you understand that feeling.

The most popular GIFs bring joy and laughter, like this one. This hilarious GIF about an excessive thunderstorm will make your day better.

A Person Who Has No Idea What He's Doing

There are few things that are more hilarious than watching someone who has no idea what they're doing. Especially if you can see them try to figure it out.

This GIF is perfect because you can see the guy who has no idea what he's doing, and then when he tries to figure out what he needs to do, it just ends in his confusion. It's hilarious!

Two People With Matching Outfits at Work

This GIF is an example of what it looks like when two people are trying to get each other's attention at work. They're both wearing the same outfit, which makes it even more hilarious.

The first person points at themselves and then points at the second person, who is pointing at them as well.

After one last point directed at the second person, they go back to their own task. The first person waves their hand in front of the other person's face, trying to get their attention again, but the second person continues working on their task. The first person then jumps up and down in front of them before giving up and sitting back down.

An Adorable Pug

When you're on the internet, it's always nice to see an adorable pug. They're so happy all the time. You can't help but smile when you see them, which is why they were the most popular GIF.

Pugs are also one of the best-loved breeds of dog. According to The American Kennel Club, "The Pug is a lovable personable dog that wants nothing more than to be around its family."

They're also very intelligent, which means they're good at understanding what you want them to do. This makes pugs great for families who have little children - they can easily be taught tricks, and they'll love playing ball with you!

No matter what kind of day you're having, it will instantly turn better with an adorable pug GIF in sight!


Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh and these popular GIF images for 2021 will do the trick.

While we don’t know what the future holds, we’re sure that GIFs will continue to be as popular as ever.

Whether they’re of a TV show getting canceled, a new Windows Operating System or a terrifying nightmare, these 6 popular GIFs for 2021 are guaranteed to give you the laugh you need!

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