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Emojis are Millennials and Gen Zs love language

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

What do Gen Zs and Millennials have in common? Their love for emojis and stickers, of course!! While their use and interpretation of these visual formats differ, both generations love and use them constantly.

While millennials mostly go around hearting stuff with heart emoji "❤️" to show their love or approval. Gen Zs choose the fire emoji "🔥" to tell their peers online how lit something is.

But even though their choices might differ, stickers and emojis share a significant role in expressing love for both generations.

Gen Z & Millennials on Emojis

Gen Z's are quick-to-tweet and have grown up with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Younger GenZs use them ironically not to express genuine emotions but to exaggerate them. So they might use it to flirt with their crushes, gossip with their friends, or on their social media posts online. While millennials use emojis the old way to express how they feel their partners, friends, and loved ones to feel closer to them.

Millenials choose the common laughing emoji "😂" when they find something funny. Whereas GenZ goes for the skull emoji 💀 to express the same feeling. If you are a millennial and confused about the skull emoji, here is your answer. It is to express that something is so funny that the receiver metaphorically died from laughing.

Both generations, due to their love for the internet are quite well versed in using visual aids like emojis, stickers, GIFs, memes that help them express themselves better.

Use of these visual aids flares up during days where expression of feelings is most needed.

Like Valentine's day!!

This report by Holler shows the use of stickers and animated GIFs during Valentines Week.

Due to this brands that have these generations as their major demographics have also started placing using them to connect better with them.

If brands and marketers are wondering how to connect with GenZs and Millennials, this might just work for them.

How Brands Can Use Stickers on Valentine's Day

Where do Millennials and Gen Zs most use stickers and emojis? Texts!! Although emojis are everywhere, social media, emails, even movies, they are most used during 1 on 1 conversation while chatting.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk collaborated with Bobble AI and made loving stickers for the whole valentines week. The stickers were available for all Bobble AI keyboard users.

This way Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk which is already a Valentine's Day favourite make their place in users hearts and conversations building awesome brand recall.

It is not just about Valentines Day though brands can use stickers marketing campaigns or conversation media marketing campaigns around any tentpole moment, holidays, trend, and more.

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