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The Moment Marketing Platform You Need - It's So Obvious That it's Amazing

Branding And Advertising experts have been trying to find a cure for skip ad user tendencies for quite some time now.

As the internet became more accessible and affordable people are no longer willing to entertain and are mostly repulsed by advertisements.

Moment marketing has turned out to be a saviour for brands by providing them with a way out of this conundrum. Moment marketing or tentpole marketing allows brands to engage with users with campaigns that connect with them around a particular event.

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But before we get into the thick of moment marketing, let's have a formal introduction with it?

What is brand marketing?

Moment marketing is when marketers and brands leverage ongoing events by  creating communications & marketing collaterals around such events. Brands use it to become a part of ongoing conversations that bring relevance to how they market.

Let's Get Into Details, Shall we?

Moment marketing isn't some new-age fad or even a brand new idea.

While the medium and logistics of moment marketing have taken leaps and bounds in the past years. The idea of moment marketing is quite old.

We have been witnessing moment marketing around major holidays.

Like this Diwali Ad By Asian Paints

Or this 13-year-old cute ad that made Cadbury Celebrations the go-to brand around rakhi.

And if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan you might remember when Monica tried to make Mockolate the Thanksgiving dessert because chocolate had Christmas covered.

Nowadays all social media and brand managers curate their content calenders around special events like Pride Month, Mothers Day, Friendship Day and more. Most of the viral ideas today are made around such moments.

Types Of Moment Marketing

The Planned One

Moment marketing around annuals events. It can be major holidays or various designated days.

This type of moment marketing has been planned and is a part of the annual content calendar for most marketers.

Like this spontaneous looking sticker marketing campaign by Bobble AI X Tata motors cheering Indian Athletes in Tokyo Olympics.

The Viral And/Or Spontaneous One

Marketers are ready to engage with the audience by making content on the latest viral content.

According to this panel discussion of industry experts, this type of marketing is often planned but made to look spontaneous. But there are times when these aren't planned and are a result of witty content creators who live and breathe moment marketing.

Viral moment marketing is engaging and helps people connect with brands naturally and brings them on the same page through emotions.

Moment Marketing for Ecommerce

Ecommerce platforms also leverage moment marketing with annual sales on various occasions. What are Amazon's Independence Day Sale Or Nykaa's Diwali Sale, if not their way to leverage moment marketing?

Moment Marketing For Entertainment

Entertainment Industry has been leveraging moment marketing for decades. Building hype around a new movie can be tracked to early Hollywood days.

Entertainment Industry leverage Moment Marketing In Two Ways. Either by setting the release date close to an annual event. Like Salman Khan's Movies On Eid.

Or by making a release campaign that focuses on raising curiosity and starting conversations around the Movie or The Series.

Like the latest, The Family Man's Job Search Tweets are the perfect examples of how Moment marketing is essential for the Entertainment Industry.

Where Does Moment Marketing Take Place?

Social Media

Nowadays the most popular platform for moment marketing is social media. Moment marketing on social media is done with either a series of posts or by brands who simply want to relate to a particular theme or viral event.

Another popular theme in Moment Marketing nowadays is brands moments that brands create by talking to each other. Like brands that recently celebrated Friendship Day and World Emoji Day with Emoji Marketing Campaigns.

Prime Media Or Traditional Media

As you saw with the examples above of old ads, annual events give brands enough time to create high-quality advertisements around a particular theme.

Although with its ease of sharability and quick turnaround time, social media is more popular, you can still see prime media like TV ads and Newsads being used for moment marketing.

Traditional media's golden age is over as the internet takes on.

People see ads as an intrusion with the ability to skip ads and buy premium subscriptions to avoid ads. This is why companies are putting elbow grease and big bucks into content creation as they realize, the need to make content entertaining and helpful and not intrusive.

If brands want to market to modern-day users they need to entertain and not intrude.

This takes us to the platform that is proven but still has loads of untapped potential, especially for moment marketing.

Conversation Media - Bringing Moment Marketing To Online Messaging

How do you talk to your friends, colleagues and family that you don't live with?

According to data, you are most likely to use text messages as 95% of smartphone users.

From planning that long due road trip with friends on WhatsApp to talking about Olympics on Facebook messenger. People are texting each other all kinds of stuff.

Brands And Platforms Making The Most Of Conversations Bobble's Beautiful Valentine's Day

Data from Bobble AI, a conversation media platform, shows that conversations around love increases during valentines day. Keywords like love and love you see a clear spike in addition to valentines day wishes.

Realising this, Cadbury Dairy Milk in collaboration with Bobble AI, created an amazing love campaign completed with branded stickers and pop text. The content saw 1.83 million sticker shares and 125k+ pop text shares within a period of 28 days.

Holler's Haunted Halloween

Data from Holler, a conversational media platform, shows how conversations about costumes see a huge spike right before Halloween.

Holler's Halloween themed stickers also saw an average share rate of 7.2% approx.

And this goes for any big moment that happens. People talk about things that happen more on chats than anywhere else on the internet.

Conversation media [Emojis, Stickers, GIFs] is bringing flavour to these texts with visual content that people love to use. This makes conversation media marketing an essential part of visual content marketing strategy for any brand.

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