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Most Charming Emoji Marketing Campaigns On World Emoji Day 2021

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Remember one of the oldest ways to have fun with emoticons before we had smartphones and these colourful emojis?

Let me jog your memory with these pictures.

Millennials and Elder GenZies must recognise these pieces of art that were shared in a Pre-Smartphone era via text messages.

These were the early stages of the evolution of emojis.

The Internet, Messaging Apps, and Emojis came together to bring expression and emotions to online conversations. And people fell head over heels for these fun little visuals.

You can also remember the early days of colourful emojis from the emoji guessing game. These guessing games went quite viral with people coming up with new ideas for emojis. By the way, did you guess the movie right?

Soon it became clear to marketers that using emojis is a great way to connect with people.

Enter The Era Of Emoji Marketing

Emoji games bring an air of nostalgia, don't they? But don't think that Emoji games are not a thing of the past.

Here are some Emoji Game Posts that brands used for celebrating World Emoji Day, 17th July

Ixigo #WorldEmojiDay Campaigns In The Past Years

Courtesy -, Ixigo's 2018, 2019, and 2021 Emoji Day Campaigns.

In 2018, Ixigo celebrated world emoji day with a 10 part emoji guessing game series. In 2019 they shared different Emojis that relate to different user sentiments. In 2021, they shared another emoji game in which users have to make a phrase with the first letter of each emoji.

Can you guess which campaign got the most engagement?

The 10 part series of Emoji guessing games got the most engagement on all 10 posts.

Indigo Celebrates #WorldEmojiDay With A Caution

Indigo Airlines gave a quick reminder to all Covid Safety Guidelines with this post on World Emoji Day

Read till the end to see more engaging brand campaigns on World Emoji Day or simply scroll Down

Our love for emojis has seen a constant rise even though we now have other engaging conversation media forms like Animated Stickers And BitMojis. Somehow emojis are yet to reach their peak and have an ocean of untapped potential.

We have witnessed the era of Emoticons, Emojis, Evolved Emojis, Inclusive Emojis but now we see before us the Era of Emoji Marketing.

Emojis have been used for business purposes for a long time but never like they are been used right now!!

Businesses are using Emojis in emails, newsletters, social media posts. Data clearly shows what emojis are bringing to the table for businesses.

Why Should Marketers Take Emojis seriously?

Here are some statistics that do a pretty good job of explaining this.

Emojis On Social Media

20.69% of all tweets have emojis. That is one in every 5 tweets. (Source)

5 billion emojis are sent daily on Facebook Messenger (Source)

50% of all comments on Instagram included an emoji. (Source)

Emojis In Emails And Direct Messages

A report by swiftpage found that an emoji in the subject line ncreases the open rate by of an email by 29% and the click through rate by 28% (source).

Accoding to another report, 64% said that they open an email because of its subject line. While more that 50% of emoji users admit that they’re more likely to look at an email from a brand that uses emojis in the headline (source).

A report by Brand Watch also found this damning evidence.

95% of internet users have sent emoji at some point in their life and over 10 Billion emojis are sent each day. (Source)

Engagement With Emojis

We Want More Emojis

Another reason to take them seriously is the place they have made in the people's hearts.

Not only is Unicode introducing more emojis every year but even brands want emojis to represent them in chats.

See how Tacobell got its Taco Emoji certified and Why KitKat didn't.

Emojis are getting more inclusive every year. We want emojis that represent us better than ever before and also look cuter in the process.

Slack made its own Work From Home Emoji Pack that depicts the current working scenario better.

This might be because 46% of the growing working generation of young adults aged 18-29 believe in using emojis in emails and other professional communications (source).

Image Courtesy - &Walsh

Although when it comes to elder professionals, 29% say that emojis makes colleagues look unprofessional; this number jumps to 36% for upper management.

But this doesn't mean that Older Millenial, Generation X, Or Baby Boomers don't love emojis. 50% of 2000 Americans surveyed by “OnePoll” revealed that they bond better with their grandkids using emojis.

Emojis! Emojis! On The Internet - Who Is Happiest Of Them All

Emojis are the magic mirrors that reflect our mood online.

A report by Brand Watch on US audience shows how emojis helps interpret people's moods online. This is especially significant during key moments like Elections as it can tell how people are responding to current events.

For example, emojis that represent joy (😃 😆 😊) see an annual high during Christmas according to the report. On the other hand, emojis that represent sadness (💔 ☹️ 😢) saw a sudden peak when the manchester attack occurred.

But What Does This Means For Brands?

Well, marketers can also review consumer attitudes towards brands with the help of emojis.

The report by Brand Watch sorted 50 top brands by tweets.

After examining emojis in the tweets about the brands they found consumer outlook towards the brands. For example, tweets about Pantene were found 93.9% positive.

You can check out this awesome report for yourself.

Platforms like Bobble AI, Holler, And WhatsApp can give similar insights to brands based on real-time conversation intent.

All The Cool Brands Are Doing It

Lastly, brands are doing some pretty awesome stuff with emoji marketing. Emoji marketing campaigns have been around for quite some time but the recent love for them is unprecedented.

Take a glimpse of these Ingenious Emoji Marketing Campaigns.

Agencies are even using emoji marketing campaigns for raising awareness on social issues.

Like this Emoji Marketing Campaign Ogilvy made for raising awareness about wildlife trafficking in India.

Brands Celebrating World Emoji Day 2021

Emoji Day has sealed its place in Content Calendars for many brands. And these are some of the best Emoji Day Campaigns we saw by brands.

aLL Supports Body Positivity

aLL - the plus size clothing store spreads body positivity by sharing this post on Facebook.

Emojis are getting inclusive every year, we might just see this emoji in future.

FeviKwik's Witty Emoji Day Campaigns

Fevikwik flexes on Twitter about its impeccable fixing abilities.

(It takes a second to get the second one.)

Angel Brooking Shows Investors Mood

Angel Brooking brought to light investment struggles. They shared this fun post about Market trends and investors reactions on their Twitter.

Naselin Did A Contest

Naselin, a decongestant from the house of Cipla health limited did this contest on their social media to celebrate world emoji day. They gave rewards to five lucky winners.

Hundreds of brands used emojis to engage with their audience on world emoji day. But don't you think that a tool as powerfully engaging as Emojis can work its magic all year round.

Many brands are starting to use Emoji Marketing and make beautiful conversation media campaigns.

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