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How conversation media is in the sweet spot for brand marketers everywhere

Updated: Oct 7

Communication has always gone hand in hand with technology. From smoke signals to mails and then to emoji’s we have come a long way. There have been many significant revolutions when it comes to communication. But none of them stood out as much as social media.

There is no doubt that the rise of social media brought one of the biggest changes in the way we express ourselves. It brought the person to people approach to the common man that was earlier limited to actors, politicians, and media.

Currently, there are more than 3.5 billion social media users who have provided a huge opportunity for advertisers. But at the same time brands are getting lost amidst the never-ending data floods. Even if users follow their favourite brand they are most likely to skip over their post if users don’t explicitly search for them. There is no question about the benefit social media has provided for brands in terms of marketing especially for the proverbial “early birds”. But as we have filled social media platforms with data marketers find it harder to reach the audience and even when they do reach the audience converting them is difficult because of short attention span and audience getting frustrated due to the sheer numbers of ads they see in a day.

This has given rise to a new marketing Platform that marketers are calling Conversation Media - where your users will be your ambassadors.

Did you know that 70% of people drink the same tea as their parents? Why is this fact relevant? We trust the brands endorsed by our loved ones and the people we know. The oldest trick in marketing was the person to person marketing after all.

And like other things in life, the future of Marketing will also come full circle with the new concept of Conversation Media with organizations like Holler, Snapchat, and Bobble AI as the pioneers.

Why Conversation Media is the way to go?

  • 52% of people discuss shopping in messaging. Imagine your brand popping up as they do so.

  • People are still selective with who sees their posts and content. And about 60% of the content is shared via messaging.

  • 69% of people share humorous content online. When your brand becomes their way of communication it will make its place in the back of their minds. Considering how viral meme culture is, it will be a great opportunity for marketers to promote brand awareness.

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