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How Brands Attempt to Initiate a Conversation with Republic Day 2022 Campaigns

Did you also listen to special playlists that Gaana released with Republic Day in 2020 that sparked a feeling of love for our home cities? Wasn't it such a clever marketing campaign to let people dive into their patriotic emotions right away?

Gaana added a new feature to its app that allowed people to uncover the essence of India's culture by listening to music from all the country's cities with just a click.

Users could also get information about prominent artists/celebrities from that city, as well as movies/songs shot there. They also listened to podcasts about the city's historical and pilgrimage facts.

On its official Twitter account, the Ministry of Information and MIB Broadcast launched the #MIBcontest, in which they asked participants to give their thoughts on the topic "Unity in Diversity." Well, a really beautiful and intelligent move, no?

Republic Day is one of India's most widely observed events, and naturally, brands could never resist the temptation to launch unique and spectacular campaigns around this day.

The pandemic has had no effect on the holiday spirit either!

So how can a brand make this Republic Day an event for users to have wholesome conversations around the brand?

Of course, by giving them a reason to be part of your online community!

1. Using social media handles

Although social media has received mixed reviews, there is no doubt that it is the most effective tool for businesses to communicate with their clients. It's critical to use social platforms throughout the holidays since they give a business with a larger audience, the capacity to communicate with consumers, a chance to sell their brand, and more possibilities to get noticed.

Republic Day branded hashtags are one of the most effective methods to do so.

To make a splash on social media using hashtags, you need to go outside the box. First, think about what people will look for over the tricolour season, what's hot right now, and how you might apply this to your business. Add a celebratory product emoji, sticker, GIF, or joke after that, and watch the likes pour in!

For instance, TikTok with its #DeshKiBhasha campaign instantly became a trending hashtag on social media in 2020 on this day. Why? Because the hashtag was something unique, which reflected the variety of cultures in India, and was accompanied by an immersive campaign that brought the brand's 200 million followers together in a mutually inspiring conversation!

2. Stickers really stick with the users

Festive stickers are a terrific approach to get people's attention on this historically significant day! They're memorable, eye-catching, and likely to make people smile, all of which will lead to a click.

Maybe your customers will insert your graphics into their chats and greetings and isn't that a great way to be a part of the conversation? To decorate your website and social media accounts with holiday visuals - one dancing Indian flag may make all the difference!

Do you remember sharing new exciting GIFs and stickers on Republic Day in 2020 to wish your family? To commemorate India's 71st Republic Day, Bobble AI released a collection of GIFs, Stickers, and Emoticons expressing secularism, patriotism, and nationalism on its Indic keyboard.

"Republic Day is the red-letter day in India's history," Ankit Prasad, Founder and CEO of Bobble AI, stated of the commemorative series".

It is observed in the same spirit and in the same manner as other Indian holidays. People send Republic Day greetings to express their patriotism, patriotism, and nationalism.

Our exclusive Republic Day GIFs, Stickers, and Emoticons provide a powerful statement about what India stands for UNITY. We hope that by using our secular emojis, more people would express and convey their love for India."

And guess what it did? Suddenly, people had a bunch of conversation media to sort through and engage with their friend's enthusiastic manner on the festival. Naturally, it gave the brand a ton of positive reception from its market. So, an incredible tactic!

3. AR filters is a great path to explore

Marketing is usually a very serious business. Of course, it's necessary, but that doesn't mean you and your marketing staff can't have some fun around festivals. To produce a brilliant advertising campaign, use entertainment and relatable content in your marketing to nearly make consumers forget they're watching a commercial.

To make people laugh, to inspire them and give them the desire to follow your platform, include sticker memes and amusing visuals in your slogans, social media posts, adverts, website, and newsletters.

Customers might also be enticed to take part in competitions by sending in images of their tricolour dresses or singing a motivating national song, to make them feel included in the conversation around the 26th.

For instance, TikTok not only perfectly blended branded hashtags into their campaign. The promotion for the short-form mobile video platform also invited viewers to commemorate the momentous day by greeting the community in their native tongues.

TikTok users from all around the country wished Republic Day in Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, and Haryanvi, among other languages. Did you also make a video in your native tongue? Some of us sure did!


It goes without saying that Republic Day is crucial for companies and marketers. It'll almost certainly receive a lot of social media attention, whether as likes, shares, or mentions.

Planning of time for a good content marketing strategy can help you attract the correct audience. It's a straightforward message with all the standard components – a couple of online banners, a few links to different secondary offers, some excellent media tools like emojis, stickers, GIFs, social network icons, and an introductory sentence from you to start the conversation! You may even wind up trending throughout the week!

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