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Disney Bibbity Bobbity Booed Right Into User Conversations With This Marketing Technique

Disney has been making sticker marketing campaigns and emoji marketing campaigns for years. Its trust in Conversation Media Marketing is a testament to the marketing technique.

Disney and its characters highly influenced us all. From Mulan and Simba with their courage to Buzz and Woody with their friendship, Disney has shaped our childhood with its magical stories.

It is Disney's ability to create stories and characters that go with the time that kept the brand relevant through magic in children and nostalgia in adults.

Along with the characters and stories they tell, the brand - Disney- has also grown. It has shaped its content presentation, marketing strategies and stories for the better.

Disney has been ahead of its competitors and many other brands. One area where the brand has been outstanding is Conversation Media Marketing.

Disney's Introduction To Conversation Media Marketing

Conversation Media are visual forms like GIFs, stickers, memes, emojis, etc. used in online conversations. Conversation Media Marketing covers marketing via these visuals inside everyday online conversations better described as chats.

Disney's first introduction to Conversation Media was in 2014 when the first Disney themed stickers were launched on Viber and Facebook messenger. But its first big break to conversation media came with "Disney GIF", its custom GIF keyboard.

The new app was an extension to the default keyboard app. People could share Disney and Pixar-themed GIFs via text messaging, email, and social media. Although it worked for true Disney fans, it wasn't accessible and convenient to reach a broad audience.

This opened Disney's eyes towards the power that conversation media holds and since then there has been no looking back. It brought colourful GIFs to people's conversations.

Disney's use of GIF marketing also propelled other brands to follow suit.

Let’s look at all the times Disney adopted Conversation Media marketing and led by example.

Disney's Outstanding Conversation Media Marketing Campaigns Through The Years


Frozen movie that released in 2013 is by far the most popular Disney movie released in that decade.

People went head over heels for all things Frozen. And unlike the viral song in the movie, they did not "Let it Go". Frozen was everywhere, from merchandise to messaging apps.

The movie and its characters have a cult-like devotion among children and teens. Since teens were a large part of Facebook's user base, the popularity of Frozen stickers was not surprising.

Multi Sticker Packs

In 2016, Facebook Stickers' page announced the launch of Disney themed Facebook sticker packs that instantly caught everyone's attention.

Since then, they haven't turned their backs on conversation media marketing.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

After Facebook, it was time for WhatsApp banter. In 2018, Disney teamed up with WhatsApp to launch a new sticker pack around its new movie "Ralph Breaks the Internet". These stickers are said to have increased the footfall at movie theatres significantly.

Like always, it took little time for stickers to go viral on WhatsApp. People chose these stickers over voice calls and that itself was proof of the success.

Disney Villain Stickers

Who is your favourite Disney villain? Scar? Ursula? Jafar? Let’s be honest, Disney villains have their own fanbase. They are spooky. Their sinister presence has kept us captivated throughout the movies.

Disney launched villain stickers for iMessage. It was a fun initiative that let people express themselves in new ways with dynamic and animated Disney Stickers. The Villain animated sticker pack had characters, quotes, and accessories from our beloved Disney baddies, like Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella, Jafar, and Hook!


Who doesn’t like Cinderella? We’ve heard this story, and we are always eager to hear different retellings of it. But Cinderella being a part of user conversation is just so much more fun than we can think of. GIFs and stickers just double the fun with a twist. You will find stickers and GIFs related to all characters in the movie. And there’s one for every mood. Even though fans made most of these, they are still fun.

More recently, Amazon Prime released Cinderella's latest retelling starring Camila Cabello. And Prime made the modern retelling of Cinderella a part of modern-day chatter as they collaborated with Bobble AI

These were just a few examples of Disney embracing the Conversation Media culture with open arms.

Recently, it also collaborated with Holler, a conversation media platform. Holler is now an integral part of the Disney Accelerator program that aims to leverage advanced technology in order to develop new entertainment products and experiences.

Now, let’s understand the benefits Disney has reaped over the years from Conversation Media Marketing

Enriched conversations

Conversation Media is a unique channel that beautifully pairs up creativity with AI to enhance digital conversations. The visual media enriches all sorts of conversations and provides users with engaging content to stay connected.

Enhanced brand awareness

Conversation Media might be a newer channel for advertisers and brands, but Disney’s history shows that it has reached the masses through messaging platforms. Consumers remember the brands by the GIFs and stickers they offer, thus giving the brand an altogether different and unique identity.

Moreover, a study by Neilson also suggests that 3 in 4 consumers are likely to use a branded sticker compared to non-branded ones in their chats. This proofs the popularity of stickers, especially for pop culture.

The Bottom Line

Stickers do not always have to be glamorous. Brands can use them to enhance the interaction with the brand’s loyal audience. You give them something relatable and fun and they’ll make it viral.

You know how much people like free content. Free content has made industry giants like YouTube who they are. Stickers or Conversation Media Marketing gives you a unique content marketing opportunity to integrate into your marketing strategy.

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