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Conversation Media - What it is and How it came to be

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Let's talk about the evolution of Conversation First

Humans have wanted to tell their tales for as long as we have lived. From cave paintings that date back 64,000 years to Emoji’s, we have come a long way. Or Have we circled back just with a touch of technology? Either way, communication will continue to evolve with technology.

The way we communicate today would have been thought of as science fiction 50 years ago. Or even stories of witchcraft 200 years ago. Who knows science fiction today may be the future’s reality.

And then texting came along...

When texting started, at first, there was a lot of room left for misunderstanding. This was because texting didn’t let us understand the tone or emotions of the other person. We don’t just communicate with words we communicate with our hands, the way we smile, and with our eyes as well. When people felt like they were unable to communicate properly they knew that this handy tool called texting should be jazzed up a bit.

So we got creative and created emoticons. A winky face, ; ), to express humour or friendly teasing is a perfect example. The wait from emoticons to emoji was not too long. Emoji completed the digital communication by adding emotions into plain text. Today 92% of total people chatting online use emojis.

But as mentioned above communication will always evolve with technology. And now along with emoji’s we have stickers and GIFs that can carry our emotions even better. GIFs started as a way of displaying still images but are now synonyms with short looping videos. The way we use GIFs in our everyday texts today is because of platforms like Giphy.

Let us see an example, you know that little girl in “Despicable me” a GIF of her saying “pretty please” got really popular. Next time you want to request something from a friend try sending it. I am sure no one can say no to those big eyes of that little girl.

The use of visuals in online conversations has spread like wildfire. Although these have been with us for more than a decade we didn't have a name for them. Now we do.

Conversation Media - the visual form of online conversations. This includes stickers, gifs, emojis, and avatars that have made our conversation expressive and fun.

Platforms like Snapchat, Bobble AI, and Holler are pioneers leading us into this evolved medium of conversation.

Bobble AI’s keyboard application brings a more evolved version of communication. With its brilliant AI and prediction algorithms. With over 100k+ Stickers and GIFs, it has a never-ending well of fun that you can always fetch from.

But that’s not it for conversation media, it also includes customization.

Humans love themselves more than anything else. Conversation media in addition to GIFs and emoticons also includes customizable stickers and avatars. With platforms like Snapchat, we have seen animated avatars with various templates that users can share with their friends. We have also witnessed the love that users have for Bitmojis and other avatars that they can customize.

Conversation media includes any and everything that makes our conversations entertaining and this includes people’s current love affair with customization.

Visual communication online has made our conversation way more fun than they use to.

Conversation media will also evolve with technology, and with it will evolve the quality of customization, ease of communication, and the level of entertainment it will provide.

Apps like Zmoji, Bobble AI, and Mirror will follow the path paved by Apps like Snapchat to make sure that Conversation media evolves in the best way possible.

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