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Adorable Brand Moments That Made Friendship Day Into #BrandShipDay

Brand moments are a part of the huge moment marketing wave that we are witnessing.

Like the way, brands celebrated this emoji day with fun and quirky emoji day posts.

As branding and advertising ride the tides of changing landscapes, brand moments have taken over brand feuds.

Burger King And McDonald's are known for their marketing feuds. In a german movie premiere of Stephen King's novel based movie IT, Burger King trolled McDonald's with the words "Moral Of the Story: Never Trust A Clown"

In comparison, brands now engage with each other making adorable brand moments.

Like when brands cheered Zomato during its IPO moment on Twitter.

Zomato Tweeted "mere ko to aisa dhak dhak horela hai" to share its nervousness before the final word on its IPO came out.

And Brands Replied Went Like:

Brands celebrated Friendship Day 2021 with adorable brand moments. Let's have a look at them.

FriendShip Day Brand Moments

Fevicol Stuck Around With Sticky Comments

Fevicols fun comments stood out. Fevicol left really charming friendship day comments on friendship day posts by brands.

Most of the comments hammered in the brand message of Fevicol's strong bond and connecting it to bonds between friends.

Courtesy Social Samosa

Bobble AI's Splendid Sticker Wishes That Made #BrandshipDay

It was a start of something new for brand moments.

Bobble AI celebrated friendship day by wishing brands like Snickers, Gaana, Genie, Bewkoof and more, with these fun stickers.

These campaigns struck a cord creating awesome brands moments like these.

Bobble AI's friendship day campaign is a great example of the versatility of conversation media and credits its untapped potential.

Let's take Bewakoof for instance, a brand that has made its name known amongst the youth of India. Millennials are crazy for their relatable and fun t-shirts.

Bewakoof's consumers are most comfortable with texting and online chatting is their bae. Imagine them being able to share this sticker with their friends and loved ones on Friendship Day.

And this goes for every brand as peoples love for stickers and emojis see a constant increase.

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Brand moments not just humanizes brands for users but also establishes a previously unprecedented relationship between brands.

And hats off to brands for finding these quirky ways to connect with one another.

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