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Best of Children's day campaigns 2021

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Children's Day brings nostalgia and takes us back to the days when we used to get so many treats from our parents and school teachers.

Like every year, this year as well brands brought nostalgia to our lives by giving us the ideas for best children's day posts for their campaigns. Let's have a look at them-


Volkswagen brought back the colouring days of the children by bringing this ad campaign. It was a print ad that gave the children a platform for colouring their cars.


Byju's named their campaign as 'celebrating curiosity' Byju's asked people to pledge that whenever the children are curious to know something, just be there to tell the answers.

Plastic Menace

This campaign was to stop using plastic and make people aware that the future generation is in danger if we do not stop using plastic.


Swiggy used medium meme marketing with an emoji twist, which was relatable to all the children out there. The children in you would have loved their campaign.


Nickelodeon, with its brand campaigns, influenced people to provide a platform to the children out there so that they can express themselves freely. So that they do not face any mental issues.


This learning platform provided free courses to the students on the 14th of November. It had various courses for python, designs, gamins, etc for them to learn freely on their day.

Mom's belief

They organized a social campaign that proposed an idea to support the mental health of children. It was mainly a talented hunt for children from the ages 2-14 years.


Bisleri took an initiative and collaborated with the slums of Mumbai and taught them the idea of segregation and recycling of plastic products. Their goal is to reach 20 slums and teach their children about the concepts.

Nestle a+

Nestle took the initiative of recycling by using used beverage cartons for making furniture for unprivileged children out there. The campaign was in collaboration with Tetra Pak and it began on the 14th of this month.


Furlenco took to Instagram and reminded everyone to remember their childhood days. We tend to forget our roots and this campaign gave a reason to remember our days in schools and childhood days with parents and friends.

These were some of the best ad campaigns that had a tremendous impact on the netizens this children's day. Even children had fun looking at these campaigns and they loved it totally. You can use this idea and bring the child in you to bring out the best and the most creative ad campaigns.

So, what are you planning to do? Next coming big event, do not forget to gather your very creative members and think about what can you present for your brand. All the best!!

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