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Best Conversation Media Marketing Campaigns With Bobble AI

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Talaya Waller, an entrepreneur and brand maker, in her TedTalk "The future of Branding is Personal", says that

"An average person gets 561% more engagement while sharing a brand message than a company posting the message on social media".

A significant difference, right?

She also said that -

"An average employee has more followers than the organisation".

But, Why?

People, in general, have more trust in people rather than an organization. One of the reasons why influencer marketing has seen such a boost in the past few years.

Conversation Media Marketing is also made of a similar concept. Social media is a vast space that can be ruthless at times. But conversation media marketing is about raising brand awareness within safe personal conversations.

A cute shoe GIF shared between two friends having a discussion about jogging. The GIF won't stalk you around because you used it once. It will come up when one of the friends is looking for it or need it.

There are many platforms that can help brands when it comes to conversation media. But only a few provide a range of Conversation Media Marketing options as versatile as Bobble AI.

Bobble AI, a Gurgaon based start-up have had success with its flagship product Bobble Indic Keyboards along with many regional language keyboards that are perfect for the diversified Indian Audience. The reason why users love this keyboard along with its amazing keyboard feature is for its regional and fun content.

Currently, Bobble AI has more than 50 million users that brands can reach. With Bobble AI brands can reach users via personalized stickers (these have users animated face in them), stickers, GIFs, BigMoji (a Bobble AI original idea, Big emojis for better expression), animoji (animated emojis) and much more.

Marketers are not oblivious to this opportunity of reaching millions of people especially the Indian audience. Many brands have already had quite a successful Conversation Media Marketing Campaigns With Bobble AI.

How Does Bobble AI Reach Users?

Bobble AI reach its users with branded content via prompts through organic searches based on intent in real-time. Bobble AI is especially great for brand marketers who wants to reach out to the Indian audience.

Conversation Media Campaigns By Bobble AI

SHOPS PLUS - 50 Shades of Ishq Campaign

Shops plus- 50 Shades Of Ishq Campaign
Shops plus- 50 Shades Of Ishq Campaign

Abt Associates collaborated with Bobble AI, for SHOPS Plus - an initiative funded by USAID. The campaign addressed and promoted safe sexual practices among youth in India. Bobble AI promoted the campaign with expressive and personalized content in a series of rich visuals (stickers & GIFs).

According to Bobble AI report till July 2020, these stickers saw 116K+ shares by 82K+ unique users. The campaign won silver in the Maddies' Social Impact category. The campaign was a wonderful initiative promoting safe sexual practices and the importance of consent.

Sunfeast Yippee Mood Masala Campaign

Sunfeast, a popular snacks company also collaborated with Bobble to promote their Mood Masala Instant Noodles. Bobble came up with quite interesting stickers and GIFs.

Since the campaign came out near IPL season which garners the attention of millions of Indian a lot of this personalized sharable content was themed around IPL and other relatable scenarios of GEN Y and GEN Z. The campaign saw 9 Million+ views in 2020.

RHA TreesFor2050 Campaign

RobinHoodArmy Treesfor2050
RobinHoodArmy Treesfor2050

RobinHood Army a non-profit organization collaborated with Bobble AI for promoting tree plantation. In addition to creating sharable sticker packs that promote the green message, Bobble AI also contributed by planting a tree for each sticker share.

Kingfisher "Kya Plan Hai" Campaign

United Breweries Ltd's Kingfisher partnered with Bobble AI in order to boost their brand association in conversations. The stickers were themed around Bollywood memes and other scenarios that the audience would find relatable.

The celebratory "Kya Plan Hai" campaign was one of the most successful and 200k+ direct shares by the end of 2020. It also bagged GOLD at the Internet and Mobile Association of India's India Digital Awards for 'Best Use of Mobile for Content Marketing'. Here is a case study on how kingfisher became a part of 37M+ conversations.

Oreo's Recipic Campaign

Oreo the beloved biscuit brand and Bobble AI came together to promote the "Recipic" campaign. The stickers were around the theme "Recipic" which entailed different recipes in which people have been using oreo cookies.

The campaign was a big hit amongst the users and saw 500k+ shares within a period of a few months.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk - Season Of Love Campaign

Cadbury Dairy milk silk partnered with Bobble AI in order to promote their product Cadbury silk heart-pop. The campaign was launched during love week in February. The stickers and GIFs made by Bobble AI were cute and ideal for couples or potential couples to share during valentines week.

Why Brands Should Invest In Conversation Media Marketing With Bobble AI

Cross-Platform Usage

Bobble AI uses its highly rated Keyboard Platforms to raise brand awareness. Users can share these stickers and GIFs on any chatting platform or even social media if they want to.

Intent-Based Results

So I am typing Happy Birthday and an Oreo Cake comes up in the suggestion window. Won't that cake make for a much more appealing birthday wish than my emoji? With the sticker tagging and AI algorithms, the keyboard shows relevant results and thus increases the chance of sharing.

Word Of Mouth Theory

Many studies show that people still trust word of mouth more than any other marketing. A friend's review for a cafe worth more than reviews from strangers. Conversation Media Marketing helps brand raise awareness by word of mouth.

It is not Advertising

It is clear as day that people don't like ads, 90% of people to be exact if we look at data from Emarketers. According to data from another source "74% of people find POP-UP ads most annoying". But with Conversation Media -The content is fun to share and it reaches users when they intentionally search for it. This makes conversation media marketing fun, unlike pop-up ads that users find disruptive.

Conversation Media Marketing has brought with it a new age of marketing. And conversation media platforms making progress at a very fast pace. There is no better time than now to jump on this bandwagon.

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