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9 Tips To Turn Conversations Into A Powerful Branding Tool

Want to know why conversation marketing has such a following behind it and how you can use it to increase your online sales?

Conversation marketing is sure a powerful tool for improving user experience, creating a brand persona inside your audience's minds and making them come running back to you because they believe you are human enough to fulfil their needs and wants in the fashion they prefer!

So, wondering how can you turn the same old, boring customer conservations into realistic interactions and a powerful marketing medium?

Dwell no longer, we bring you tips to do exactly that and pass with flying colours!

1. Personalization is Crucial In conversational marketing, personalization is crucial. When composing solutions to queries your customers may have about your brand, a customized solution takes user data into account. By building a one-on-one connection, these encounters can assist enhance the consumer's engagement with your brand.

Dove was one of the first companies to use personalized emojis. Dove debuted the Dove Love Your Curls ad in the fall of 2015. Dove collaborated with Snaps to create an emoji keyboard that included 27 distinct curly hair emojis in a variety of hair hues and skin tones after observing that current emojis exclusively portrayed persons with straight hair. Users could finally utilize an emoji that was in their own picture, similar to what Bitmoji allows them to do now.

What incredible results in the first 60 days of the campaign! A total of 10.1 million impressions, 2.76 million content shares, and a 278 per cent increase in purchase intent were recorded. Dove gave women the ability to express themselves graphically using emojis while increasing brand exposure and sales.

2. Respect your Target Demographic Let's take a look at the #EmojiScience Campaign by General Electric — Do you want to learn more about the science underlying climate change? Or how about using the internet to explore your mind? Sounds intriguing, but you might be concerned about how this sort of social media marketing presents information to you; after all, social media isn't always trustworthy. How about learning more about science using emojis in two-minute videos? Most of us, I'm sure, would be interested in learning science in this manner. That was the strategy used by General Electric in their December 2014 campaign.

The takeaway here is to constantly respect your target demographic and to naturally employ emojis, GIFs, branded stickers and other interesting elements in your marketing and communications efforts. If you want to appeal to millennials, don't include 15 emojis in your message. You must provide straightforward consumer experiences. Otherwise, you'll merely confuse your customers and risk a backlash.

3. Use tactics more likely to appreciate Making the best judgments begins with having the appropriate information. When it comes to conversation marketing, your platform must be able to take this information and use it to create personalized replies based on the user's past actions and preferences. You might want to keep in mind your target audience and use media and meme tactics that they are more likely to appreciate.

4. Incorporate Discreet Branding Hilarious and culturally trending memes may certainly be the way to go about getting fun, telling responses from your consumers. They're also simple to distribute on a variety of media. These quotations will transition nicely to visual media like Instagram if they are accompanied by an image. Consider producing your own custom photos, GIFs and stickers with discreet branding if you have the time and resources.

Are you aware of Netflix's sub-account 'Netflix is a joke'? They certainly share extremely engaging memes and GIFs on a daily basis to keep us interested!

5. Authentic Storytelling Transmedia storytelling is a terrific approach to include customers in content production and marketing initiatives. Because transmedia relies on a choose-your-own-adventure kind of narrative, the most effective way to engage your audience is to have them vote on new plots, characters, and genres of media.

Consumers today want relevant and relatable information in real time and on demand. A more fragmented and more personalized consumer experience has replaced the linear client journey. Telling your brand story through GIFs, short videos or animated avatars, the one thing that should never come to doubt is your authenticity. After all, uniqueness is what draws them to you, doesn't it?

Have you explored the new Bitmoji Story feature in Snapchat yet? Well, brands have certainly done so! And what great stories they tell.

6. Share Brand Stories Sharing customer experiences or campaign stories in your blog, social media post or newsletter are a terrific way to reward customer loyalty while also encouraging them to share and spread the word about your company. The features are a win-win situation since they allow you to highlight your customers, provide them with useful PR (bragging rights if you're a B2C company), and encourage your customers and their communities to share the features with their networks.

Furthermore, individuals that are friends have similar target markets, so offering interesting content, GIFs, stickers for your consumers to promote your brand with their friends is a great method to get the word out. Awesome strategy, no?

Here's the thing: whether you like it or not, your consumers are already talking about you. You may as well join in on the discussion. As a result, you'll be able to develop high-quality user-generated material that you can utilize as social proof in your adverts.

So, maybe one of your frequent customers developed a GIF or a sticker revolving around your brand product! So, share and retweet it. A great way to reassure your audience that you are an active part of the conversation, don't you think?

7. Build Emotional Attachment Emotions, over knowledge or rationality, appear to have a big effect on customer purchasing decisions, according to studies. So, what do you think is a good technique for announcing product discounts? Yes, you guessed correctly. As a kind of social media marketing, you should include appealing media in your push notifications.

For example, You're a coupon website, and you'd want to promote a clearance sale for elite home décor and furnishing business. How can you publicize the sale in a unique way? RetailMeNot did the same thing with the home emoji.

8. Use Email Marketing Creating a mailing list can assist a company in providing rewards to consumers or encouraging them to return. Email marketing keeps your brand in front of customers' minds, and it allows them to segment lists to target certain clients. A sports goods business may segment their lead list to target a certain demographic, such as 18 to 24-year-olds while introducing the latest in-line skates.

With email automation, you can reach out to consumers straight immediately with customized messages and give them something in exchange for their time. And don't be shy of using anything, not excluding cute emojis, relatable stickers and GIFs, to keep the users' interest intact!

9. Let customers interact Enabling customers to interact with your brand through conversations or even talking to their friends about your brand is a game-changer. Especially now that smartphone talks have replaced face-to-face encounters!

Customers can utilize chat to get additional information about a service, fix a problem, or inquire about delivery timings. Some current chat capabilities allow customers to move the discussion to their device, allowing them to leave the company's website but not the conversation.

Durex is a company that has utilized emojis to spread its message and support a good cause. Its #CondomEmoji campaign went on for the better part of the year in 2017, requesting that a safe sex emoji be included in every smartphone to assist young people speaking about the matter.


People are having meaningful dialogues with brands on a large scale for the first time, owing to bots, CRMs, and new platforms. Conversation media is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their consumers by making interactions more smooth and faster than before. Customers are conversing with one another. Why don't you join in? With a little hamburger emoji no less. Why? To be witty, of course.

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