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8 Brands that Got Creative with Sticker Marketing: How They Did It and Why

From tempting new customers with irresistible promotions to promoting a charitable cause, these stickers are sure to inspire you to get creative with your own marketing strategy.

The sticker is more than just a way to decorate or personalize your laptop, phone, and bookshelf. It is an effective marketing tool that any company can use.

These 8 brands show how stickers can help you grow your brand and increase customer engagement.

1. Batman Begins

2. Reddit

3. Wilkinson Quattro Titanium


5. Folgers Coffee

6. Mother dairy

7. Asian Paints

8. Gamezy

The Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a film that was released in 2005. And it's the perfect example of how stickers can be used to market a brand effectively.

The company had stickers made for their products, which included mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, and phone cases. They gave these items away for free with the purchase of any Batman item on clothing or accessories.

They used sticker marketing with the help of TV2 to get brilliant success when they created Batman Begins stickers. It was a simple idea, but it ended up being so effective that the entire world knew about it.

Customers could get these free stickers with their purchase by texting "BATMAN" to 59925. The promotion was so successful that they are still giving away these free Batman promotional items today.

Reddit's eventful campaign

Reddit is an online community. It is a content aggregator, specifically for social news and activity. It's split up into smaller communities, called subreddits, which are topic-specific.

Visiting Reddit can also be an excellent way to promote your business or product. For example, if you have a new blog post that you want people to learn about, you can post it on the relevant subreddit to get more views.

They had an idea, but no money to promote it. So they printed stickers and placed them around town. The stickers were small, like the company itself at the time, but they were everywhere.

Reddit's founders used stickers to promote their business when they had a small advertising budget. They would hand out stickers at events or just to random people.

They saw results through this sticker campaign because they were everywhere people would be; events, social media profiles, and more.

Wilkinson Quattro Titanium's personalized taste

We know the Wilkinson Quattro Titanium brand for its custom designed stickers that decorate laptops, phones, and bookshelves. The company has a strong focus on design and believes in the importance of creating products to serve their customer's needs.

Wilkinson Quattro Titanium's stickers are available for purchase on their website or in stores. They offer free shipping within India and flat shipping rates for international orders.

Wilkinson Quattro Titanium believes that people should be given the opportunity to choose their own sticker. To this end, they provide customers with an extensive selection of designs that cater to any taste or preference. Their goal is to create a personalized experience for each customer by offering them something they can connect with.

When it comes to branding, Wilkinson Quattro Titanium doesn't believe in limiting itself to one particular marketing strategy. They make sure there are plenty of ways for customers to find them online, including social media sites like Facebook. They also offer opportunities for brands to collaborate with them by designing different sticker packs designed around different themes.

UNICEF putting care first

One of the most popular ways to grow your brand is to get creative with your stickers. In fact, you can use stickers to show that you're a business that cares.

UNICEF has been doing this for years with their "Do Something" sticker. For every sticker purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing life-saving supplies for children across the world.

But it isn't just about raising money for charity. The "Do Something" campaign helps UNICEF tell its story and get people involved in the mission. It also doubles as a marketing tool to help the organization connect with more supporters and customers.

Check out more examples of brands who have used stickers for successful marketing below!

Folgers Coffee for coffee lovers

Folgers Coffee is a brand that has been around for more than 150 years, but they're certainly not a company that's too scared to take risks. In 2015, Folgers Coffee created a unique sticker campaign to market their new coffee flavour, Hazelnut Cream.

This sticker campaign was designed to target customers who are coffee lovers and want to try something new. The stickers were placed on grocery store shelves as well as other locations where people might be interested in the promotion.

The stickers were ultimately successful because they encouraged their customers to try something new and took advantage of a customer's natural curiosity.

Mother Dairy on consumer health and safety

Maa Durga, a Hindu goddess, is shown on the label of Mother Dairy's products. The company takes pride in the fact that they are India's largest dairy market player. In 2017, Mother Dairy launched a #maadurgamonaadiya campaign to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

The company donated one rupee from every bottle of chilled milk sold to six charities that work with children and families living in poverty. They also established a set of guiding principles that focused on making ethical decisions and protecting consumers' health and safety. The campaign was a success as it helped Mother Dairy increase brand awareness by over 300 percent!

Asian Paints painted quality first

Asian Paints is a leading paint company in India. In order to promote their products, Asian paints decided to create a sticker that would help them engage with customers. The sticker has a picture of a paint brush and a paint can with the text "Quality Matters."

These stickers are placed on high-traffic areas such as billboards, traffic lights, and buses. The idea behind the stickers is to remind people of the importance of quality when choosing their paint.

This simple strategy helped Asian Paints increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Gamezy with zero hassle

Gamezy is a platform for gamers to buy and sell in-game items. The company was launched with the goal of removing the barriers faced by gamers when playing games and customizing their characters.

Customers can browse through an immense catalogue of game items, purchase them at affordable prices, and trade with others all within minutes.

Gamezy's business model works to provide customers with the product they need without any hassle or fuss. The company also has a philanthropic arm that donates 10% of its net profits to charity every year. It's not just about making money - it's about making sure people are happy.

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