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4 Brands that celebrated Diwali 2021 using Avatars and Stickers

This Diwali season, while we said no to patakhas. Our favourite brands nailed the marketing game with stickers and emojis marketing campaigns on various social media platforms. Diwali without diyas and rangoli is nothing.

To follow this tradition, most of the brands utilized these stickers and emojis for wishing people a very Happy Diwali.

Did you notice some of the brands also used avatars and Gifs in their campaigns? Conversation media formats overall are seeing different levels of popularity these days. Every brand is looking out for ways to nail the trends using emojis and stickers.

Have you ever thought about making your brand avatars or stickers? If yes, then you're on the very right track. It gives your brand identity so that your target audience carries a good memory of your brand. Every campaign must include these interactive elements because people get attracted when they see stickers, gifs, avatars, emojis, etc.

Let us take a look at some of the brands that used conversation media forms to increase engagement this Diwali-


Zee5, a famous streaming platform in India, collaborated with Stephy Ann Tomy. It made animated avatars to promote their movie on the day of Diwali.

These avatars asked people to enjoy this festive season while promoting a film related to the family and how it feels to be with the family. The campaign is getting a good response from the people who love binging on such movies and shows. The colorful characters made the video look more happening and cute.


Talking about stickers, gifs, avatars, emojis and not mentioning WhatsApp would make no sense. WhatsApp is where people interact in various ways. When it comes to sharing cool and funny stickers, they lose all the control to participate in a sticker war.

Showing a WhatsApp chat on a family group and sharing gifs and stickers depicted the importance of stickers of these elements. Using firecrackers, diyas, sweets, and many more were all fun to watch on the social media profile of WhatsApp India.

So, how many Diwali stickers did you send to your close ones this Diwali

Sheroes India

Sheroes India, a famous shopping website also utilized stickers campaigns, avatars or emoji to wish people on their social media platform. They also made an avatar of a woman and used a variety of fire cracking stickers and lanterns.

They made sure that each and every element of stickers and emojis that they are using would look good on their post. The Dias on both sides made it look more glamorous.


An amazing platform that utilizes stickers, gifs, avatars and emojis the most. Google makes sure that through their creativity, they can win the hearts of most of people all over the world.

This time during Diwali, Google created a lot of social media posts to wish people. A post stated a few stages of Diwali planning was in a way to bring this into storytelling for my heart.

The first stage showed how people realize that there is still so much to do on the day of Diwali and the girl is asking for help from people. In the second stage, the girl is pretending to be all done with the preps but she knows how it is still a mess and in the third stage the girl is happy because she is now dressed like a patakha.

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